Bride2Here are some tips to get your hair ready for your big day.

Schedule a Trial

This session will allow you to try a few styles and build trust with your stylist.

Speak Up

Bring photos of your dress and hair or makeup ideas. Tell us about your venue.

Be Open to Suggestions

You may have an idea of what you want but be open to suggestions from your stylist.

Take Pictures

You will want to see your hair from every angle to make sure its perfect!

Scheduling Appointments

Book your stylist 4-6 months ahead of time and have your trial 4-6 weeks before.

Dirty Hair

Try to go 24-48 hours without washing your hair to help your style stay in place.

Button Down Shirt or Dress

When you change into your wedding dress you won’t mess up your hair!

Find the Right Stylist

Don’t assume your regular hairdresser does wedding hair. Find out!

Color/Cut a Week Before

Pinned up hair will show everything. Be color ready in advance!